For using our reading rooms and ordering items from our collections readers need a library card. You may select a card either valid for one month (fee: 12 €) or a year (fee: 30 €). If certain conditions are met, a reduction is possible (Gebührenordnung, § 1).

You obtain a library card upon presentation of your identity card or passport:

  • on the site at Unter den Linden, at the general information point or the issue desk
  • on the site at Potsdamer Straße, at the lending desk located on the ground floor
  • at the Newspaper department on the Westhafen site (only payment in cash possible).

Since December 2015 the StabiStart library card gives you the possibility to get to know our library and many of our services for a period of three days – it is free of charge! Find out more about StabiStart.

Visitors have the possibility to prepare their visit to the Staatsbibliothek, even if they do not yet have a library card.

Please observe the differing opening hours of the Issue desk/Registration point.

With your library card you have free access to the facilities of the library and you can borrow items from the library’s collections for use in the reading rooms (minimum age: 16 years).

If you wish to borrow books to take home, we need – in addition to your identification document - a certificate of residence, unless the address is on the identification document (e.g. in the German identity card).

Citizens from non-EU countries who wish to take books home need a residence permit which is still valid for at least three months or the certificate of matriculation of a university in Germany.

Guidelines for the use of our collections are laid down in the Benutzungsordnung (Conditions of use), the Gebührenordnung (Charges and fees) and in the Hausordnung (House rules).

Privacy protection: During the registration the library collects personal data which are required for the legitimate tasks of the Staatsbibliothek. All collected data are processed according to the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz). Information on the personal data of readers is only passed on in exceptional cases specified by law. Photo files for the photo on the library card are deleted when the card is ready for collection.

In order to accelerate the registration process, you can print the form Anmeldung für persönliche Benutzer (Registration of readers) and bring the completed form with you to the Book issue/Registration point. Minors need a Einverständniserklärung (declaration of consent) of their parent or legal guardian.
You are one of our registered readers and wish to inform us about a change of name and/or address? Please bring your identity card with you during your next visit to the library.

Corporate users (corporations, institutes, etc.) have the possibility to obtain a joint library card for a number of authorised signatories. The fees for corporate users are 48 € for a monthly card and 120 € or a one-year-card. For more information on the conditions please contact the Book issue / Registration point (Phone: +49 30 266-433999). Please note that for licensing reasons we are not able to provide remote access to databases for corporate users.
In order to accelerate the registration process, you can print the form Anmeldung für Institute (Registration for institutes) and bring the completed form with you to the Book issue / Registration point.
For the registration as a corporate user you have to provide (in addition to the completion of the registration form and the payment of the fees):

  • a letterheaded paper of your institution / corporation,
  • the names of up to three authorised signatories with their respective signatures, and
  • the signature of the head of the institution (with a stamp of the institution).

When all documents have been provided, the library card can be collected by one of the authorised signatories upon presentation of his/her identification card.

For the renewal of your library card the said documents are again required, i.e. a letterheaded paper of your institution, a list of the authorised signatories and the stamp of your institution.

Your personal library card has expired? Our Renewal Service offers the possibility of renewing library cards online.

The conditions to use this Service are:

  • You already have a monthly or an annual library card for the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
  • You are a personally registered user of the Staatsbibliothek
  • You are not eligible for a fee reduction (Gebührenordnung, § 1)
  • Your library account has not been blocked (i.e. due to unpaid fees). Please check your library account in advance

Please visit our Lending Desks if you would like to exchange your StabiStart-Card for a monthly or an annual library card. This procedure is not accepted online.

Our service times: Mo-Fr 9am-3pm.

After successful renewal of your library card you will receive a confirmation email with information about the resulting fee and payment details. Please pay the fee within 7 days, either by bank transfer or at an onsite cash machine. Afterwards you can use your library card as before. To update your personal data such as address, visa etc. you must visit us onsite.

Payment of the service fee:

The renewal of your library card is subject to a fee. You can either transmit it within 7 days or pay it in person at our Library.
For questions about this Service, please call us during our service times at Unter den Linden on +49 30 266 433777.

Renewal Form via SSL access

You do not reside in Berlin and wish to use our holdings in the reading room during your visit? It is possible to order media already one week before your visit by our Registration Service.

You want to use special materials (such as maps or sheet music)? Please contact the corresponding special department.

The conditions to use this Service are:

  • You do not reside in Berlin.
  • You do not need any personal advice when searching and ordering the media.

Our service times: Mo-Fr 9am-3pm

Your arrival: Please consider possible closing days of our Library before your visit. Adresses and map.

After successful registration: You will receive your personal library card number and password by email. Subsequently, you can order the wanted media online.

Payment of the service fee: Please note that the usage of our holdings is subject to fee. We ask you to pay the service fee onsite at our Library. It is not possible to use any electronic ressources of the library before you have paid the service fee.

Due to technical reasons, we are not able to provide our free StabiStart card in connection with this registration service. Thank you for your understanding.

Application for registration: By sending off the application form, you have accepted our Conditions of Use.

Registration Form via SSL Access

You want to postpone your visit? Please contact the staff at the Registration Service.

Further service offers are: