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Department of Early Printed Books

NS-Looted Books


As Germany’s largest academic library the then Prussian State Library was allocated a considerable number of confiscated or looted books in the era of National Socialism. As its legal successor, the State Library is well aware of its responsibility and has been working intensely to identify such objects in its collections. Wherever the legal situation is unambiguous, those books will be restituted to their legal owners as soon as possible.

Since the publication of the Washington Principles in 1998, the library has dealt with the problem of NS-looted books in the context of various projects. In 1999 already a random sample of the acquisitions of the former Prussian State Library between 1933 and 1945 was checked for possible Jewish ownership. In 2006 relevant acquisitions journals and files were analyzed for a Master’s thesis to identify “dubious acquisitions”. In the course of the revision of about 375,000 single entries an electronic register was created as an internal tool, which lists some 10,000 rather clear cases of looted books. Another 9,000 entries appear to be somewhat suspicious and require further investigation. Meanwhile research has shown that also material which was hitherto considered irrelevant has to be included in the process, such as the acquisition journals for depository copies.

At the same time, the library teamed up with the former Max-Planck-Institute for History at Göttingen for a research project carried out by Cornelia Briel (Berlin) on the interrelation of the “Reichstauschstelle” and the Prussian State Library between 1933 and 1945.

On the basis of the findings of this project a special task force has been systematically investigating the library’s historic collections of 3 million volumes of printed books with view to any suspect acquisitions. The Department of Early Printed Books has created the necessary organizational structure and developed special processing routines, which follow the “Leitfaden für die Ermittlung von NS-verfolgungsbedingt entzogenem Kulturgut in Bibliotheken” (2005) and the Weimar “Empfehlungen zur Provenienzverzeichnung”.

By means of the internal electronic register, the acquisition journals as well as files and correspondence of the Acquisitions Department, suspect books are being identified in the catalogue. In case suspicion is substantiated that a certain copy of a book had either been confiscated or sold in distress, the details will be documented in the library’s online catalogue StabiKat. This includes any kind of providence evidence (stamps, bookplates, manuscript ownership marks), but also relevant provenance information from the acquisition journals and acquisition files (especially with view to the suppliers), possible previous owners and the date and circumstances of acquisition, so that an individual copy’s history is fully documented and retrievable from the catalogue.

The catalogue will also give information when a copy has been restituted to its rightful owner or when, on the other hand, restitution was renounced by an owner or his or her legal successor. In these cases, the date of restitution or, respectively, of the letter of renunciation will be recorded.


When searching in StabiKat please chose the option “Provenienz” from the pull-down menu and enter the term “NS-Raubgut” into the search field which will then open. In this way, also suppliers and previous owners can be retrieved.


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