East Asia

Facts & Numbers

An important emphasis of today's collection lies on modern written materials and facsimile-editions of traditional works. It is the largest European collection of books in Asian languages and features comprehensive holdings in Western languages as well. Present accession numbers around 25,000 volumes per year. In addition, about 3,800 currently held East Asian journals belong to the holdings, as well as extensive rare books from China, Japan, and Tibet (manuscripts and woodblock prints).

The collection of printed media is complemented by CrossAsia. Via this cooperatively organised and modularly structured portal, about 160 international data bases containing materials pertinent to East Asia are presently being offered. These include, for example, 10,000 traditional titles of the collection China Ancient Books (CAB), 700,000 e-books (Chinamaxx), and more than 50 million scholarly and academic articles (China Academic Journals; CAJ). The portal is being built up by the East Asia Department in cooperation with its project partners. It is subsidised by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG).