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East Asia Department

Central Asia

The Central Asia collection covers titles in Mongolian, Tibetan, Uighur, Kyrgyz and Kazakh languages. A large part of the collection (more than 21,500 titles) consists of titles in Mongolian. Most of these titles were published after the Second World War, both in Mongolia and in China (Inner Mongolia). Some titles are in Cyrillic and Mongolian script. The romanisation of the Mongolian script follows the Balk-Janhunen romanisation.

More than 17,800 titles are recorded in Tibetan. These publications are from China as well as from Tibetan exile areas in India and Nepal.

More than 5,200 titles in the Uighur language have been documented in the catalogue up to now, and those in Cyrillic script will be added soon. More than 690 are in Kazakh, and Kyrgyz titles will also be added soon. Most of the titles in these three languages come from Xinjiang and are available in Arabic script.

Please note: For titles from Nepal and Bhutan as well as Central Asian titles in Turkic languages which are available in Cyrillic script, please contact the Oriental Department (Research areas: Ancient Oriental studies, Indian studies, General Oriental studies, South Asian studies, as well as Iranian studies, Turkology, Central Asian studies).

Titles are available via the East Asia OPAC as well as in the StaBiKat.

Romanisation and Transliteration


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