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East Asia Department

Central Asia Catalogue

The Central Asia Catalogue (GB-encoded) contains books in the Mongolian, Tibetan, and Uyghur languages which have been catalogued in recent years.

The main bulk of the catalogue of about approximately 4,000 items consists of books in the Mongolian language, mostly published in Mongolia after World War II, but also a fair number of publications from China (Inner Mongolia).

Tibetan is represented by some 2,000 items, published partly in China, and partly by the Tibetan exile communities in India and Nepal.

There are also a few Dzongkha publications from Bhutan. Uyghur books number only a few hundred.

Romanisation and Transliteration

The original scripts used for writing the Central Asian languages are all alphabetical scripts which can be romanised. The transliteration systems by which these alphabets are converted into Latin letters are outlined as follows:

For further details see also: 


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