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Newspaper Department


The collections of the Newspaper Department are fully catalogued and can be found in the catalogue of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (StaBiKat). In the Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB) the collections are tagged with the library code 1w.

In the StaBiKat, newspapers can be found by searching for the name of the newspaper. If you know the exact title of the newspaper, select the option “beginning of title, journals/series (XZTI)” from the drop-down menu when carrying out your search in the catalogue. If you are unsure of the exact title, select the option “periodical: keywords (XSER)” from the drop-down menu and enter any word from the title as your search term. It is not possible to narrow down your search to a specific year of publication. To find a newspaper of a certain publication date you must first find the catalogue entry for the newspaper (title). Once you have found the catalogue entry check the full list (sorted by publication date) to see which ones are available. 

The holdings of the reference works in the Newspaper Department’s reading room are also fully catalogued in the StaBiKat.

You can find links to important newspaper databases and other resources related to newspapers on our bibliographic page (available in German; accessible only in the reading rooms of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin).

The microfilm collection of the Social Science Library and the Library of the Institute for East European Studies has been deposited in the holdings of the Newspaper Department since December 2013. This collection is catalogued in the StaBiKat and the ZDB. Additionally, the following index lists may be consulted for further details on this collection:

Alphabetisch sortierte Titelliste der Depositumsbestände der FU Berlin

Numerisch sortierte Signaturenliste der Depositumsbestände der FU Berlin

In the newspaper information system ZEFYS, you will find digitized historical newspapers, full texts and selected online resources and databases.

In the Newspaper Reading Room you can also find the physical newspaper catalogues in book form (part of the library’s Alter Realkatalog) and it’s continuation in card catalogue form; both offer detailed reference information on the holdings of the Newspaper Department.

Furthermore, you will find following microfiche collections in the holdings of the Newspaper Department:

  • ADN-Länderarchiv
  • ADN-Personennamenarchiv
  • Deutsches Biographisches Archiv
  • Pressearchiv zur Geschichte Deutschlands sowie zur internationalen Politik von 1949 – 1960

The Newspaper Department offers numerous indexes/indices of major international and German newspapers and journals – for example Guardian, Le Monde, Times, Focus, Spiegel and Tageszeitung. Some of these titles are also available as databases with full-text search options.

In conclusion, you can also access an index of essays from German newspapers that are in the library’s holdings (for the years 1914 – 1944).