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Service changes beginning in autumn 2019

Here you will find comprehensive information on changes in our services becoming effective as of autumn 2019. This page will continually be updated and new information will be added.

Extension of opening hours

What will be the new opening hours, where and when will they come into effect?

As of 1 October 2019 the Potsdamer Straße building will open Monday to Saturday 8am - 10 pm. In October the site  Unter den Linden will not change its opening times; after reopening in spring 2020 (see below) the opening times will be extended as well.

Which services will be available and at what times?

Our general reading rooms will be open for an additional 15 hours per week. That means more time to read and  search, consult print or electronic holdings and work with the materials which you order to the reading rooms. From 8am to 8pm it will be possible to register as a reader, to renew library cards, to borrow collection items. At least one of our reference desks will be staffed in order to answer your questions and assist with your research enquiries. On our blog and on the website we will soon inform you on details regarding other new services.

Free library cards

Which fees will be discontinued?

As of 1 October – initially for a period of two years – fees for our library cards will be discontinued. Everyone wishing to be a reader at the Staatsbibliothek will still be required to register, but individuals as well as institutions will no longer have to pay a monthly or yearly fee.

Which fees will remain unchanged?

All other charges and fees listed in our Gebührenordnung / Entgeltliste (list of charges and fees) will continue to apply, readers still have to pay for the use of a carrel or a permanent locker, overdue fines, inter-library loans and photocopying/scanning services reproduction.

Closure of site Unter den Linden

What will happen in October?

In October there will be no changes. We open from Mondays to Fridays on 9am and close at 9pm. On Saturdays the building is open from 10am to 7pm. The service times of the special reading rooms will remain unchanged.

What will happen after 1 November?

On 1 November the whole building will close for a minimum of five or six months. During this time staff members and holdings will move into the different sections of the building, new areas will be put into operation and in some cases refurbishments and renovations will be necessary. After the building has been reopened, readers can come into the library by using the orginal main entrance at Unter den Linden.

Which holdings from Haus Unter den Linden will be available for use during the time of closure?

Books from the main stacks which for protection reasons can only be used in Haus Unter den Linden will be usable in Haus Potsdamer Straße during the time of closure.

Due to construction works, the holdings in the general reading room (shelfmark HA...) must be packed for two or three months and are not available for use during this time. Once the construction works are finished, it will be possible to request items from these holdings into the reading room of Haus Potsdamer Straße. If you already know in advance that you need volumes from this reading room collection, please let us know by e-mail at the end of October. We will then check whether or not it is possible to bring these volumes to Haus Potsdamer Straße at the beginning of November and make them available to you there.

Items of the Special Departments Maps, Music, and Early Printed Books cannot be provided during the time of closure. However, there will be a different regulation for those modern books and scores of the music department which are borrowable. It is expected that as of January / February 2020 these items can be requested to the reading rooms of Haus Potsdamer Straße either to be used there or taken home. On a limited basis, provision of materials of the manuscript department may, in exceptional cases, be possible.

For enquiries regarding the holdings of these departments please continue to use the contact possibilities listed on the relevant website pages.

What will be new when the Unter den Linden building reopens?

The extended opening times will be applied there as well, and the general reading rooms in Haus Unter den Linden will be open from Mondays to Saturdays, 8am – 10pm.