Covid-19 Prevention | Hygiene Rules

Before you come to the library, please inform yourself about the current situation at Blog der Staatsbibliothek. Visiting our reading rooms is currently not possible. All Veranstaltungen are online events.

The rules of the Staatsbibliothek are in accordance with the official regulations in order to contain the spread of COVID-19. Here are all the rules which apply when it is allowed to visit the library buildings:

General legal regulations

  • Admission to the library only for people without symptoms of Covid-19
  • Minimum distance of 1.50 metres in the whole building
  • Wearing a FFP2-Mask is mandatory in the whole building
  • Access to the building for a reduced numer of users only with Anmeldung (registration)

Additional measures of the library

  • Storage of returned books in quarantine (24 hours)
  • Strict separation of exit and entrance
  • Marked ways
  • Postings with hygiene recommendations in the building
  • Protective plastic screens at the service counters

Additional rules for visiting our events, guided tours, and exhibitions:

  • For events we also use a booking system in order to manage the number of people attending. Please note the obligation to register for the events. You find information on the registration in the respective announcements at
  • According to the administrative order for the prevention of Covid-19 we are obliged to document the presence of visitors. As for events we capture your contact data as a result of your registration and regarding exhibitons this may be done on-site. Data will be destroyed after four weeks
  • We have limited the number of possible attendants in our event locations in such a way that always social distancing of 1.5 metres is possible. Please follow the instructions of our staff when you enter and leave the rooms. When you have reached your seat, you can take your mask off./li>
  • Currently, we do not offer guided tours. We are very sorry for that, but your health has priority. In case of new developments, we will inform you on this website.