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The reopening of Haus Unter den Linden

Haus Unter den Linden is currently closed due to construction work. Staff and holdings will move into the building, new parts of the building will be put into operation and in some cases refurbishment and repair works will continue.
When Haus Unter den Linden reopens, general areas will have extended opening hours from Monday to Saturday (8am – 22pm), and you come into the building through the original entrance Unter den Linden.
Besides the General Reading Room you can use the following reading rooms:

  • Manuscripts
  • Early printed books
  • Maps
  • Children’s and young people’s books
  • Music
  • Newspapers

The regional reading rooms (Eastern Europe, Orient, East Asia) remain in Haus Potsdamer Straße.

Limited services during current refurbishment and removals

General holdings from Haus Unter den Linden

Items from the general stacks can be requested to the reading room in Haus Potsdamer Straße, this is also true for literature that needs particular protection.

In special cases items from the General Reading Room, site Unter den Linden (shelfmarks HA) may be borrowed. Contact: digiservice@sbb.spk-berlin.de

Holdings of the special departments

Print materials of the special departments for manuscripts, early printed books, maps, children’s and youth literature, music and newspapers cannot be provided during the closure. In the Digitised collections you can consult our digitised historical holdings, via our catalogues StaBiKat/stabikat+ you can access both historical and current electronic resources.

More information can be found on the websites of the respective special department.
For specific information on the holdings of these departments please have a look at the Specific enquiries  on their websites