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CrossAsia - FID Asia

CrossAsia - Specialised Information Service Asia (Fachinformationsdienst, FID) offers access to research information for Asian Studies. Cross Asia is cooperatively organized and modularly structured.

CrossAsia has been developed by the East Asia Department of Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin and is being further developed in cooperation with the University Library and the South Asia Institute of Heidelberg University. It is financially supported by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft, DFG).

Strategic goals and outlook

The FID builds upon the Special Research Collections South Asia (6,24), supervised by Heidelberg University until 2015, and East- and Southeast Asia (6,25), coordinated by Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin from 1951 to 2015.

In the coming years CrossAsia will address the following fields of activity:

Field of Activity 1: Profiled collection development

The centerpiece of our work remains the profiled development of the collection, by both comprehensive and forward-looking acquisition of printed material and constantly licensing and enlarging our electronic resources. A new service now offered is demand-oriented digitisation (Digitisation on Demand).

Field of Activity 2: Electronic Open Access publishing

CrossAsia is committed to the idea of providing free access to research literature via the internet. Therefore an Open Access publishing platform – for magazines, monographs, electronic primary and secondary publications – will complement CrossAsia with a full range of electronic publishing services in Open Access. This service, called CrossAsia ePublishing, will be further developed and expanded in content with a view to promoting CrossAsia as a recognised open access publishing platform.

Field of Activity 3: Optimisation of information services

A major concern is the improvement of information services, in particular CrossAsia Search. The ranking of search results shall be steadily improved and the results be presented in a contextualised way. Moreover, users will be able to create their individual CrossAsia information profile and directly influence our acquisitions by using the search function (Patron Driven Acquisition).

Field of Activity 4: Development of an infrastructure for meta and full-text data

CrossAsia is open for new research approaches. Therefore CrossAsia plans to set up a technical platform for meta and full-text data. The objective of the platform is to provide CrossAsia with the means necessary to manage licensed electronic texts in a more transparent way. By offering CrossAsia users access to these data they might use the materials and services more efficiently, for example in fields such as digital humanities or social sciences.

Field of Activity 5: Scientific communication and public relations

Given our constant commitment to improve communication with researchers and professional organisations, public relations are central to our work. In 2016 a scientific advisory board will be established in order to shape the future work of CrossAsia. Established services such as CrossAsia trainings, provided on-site at various university institutions or via the Internet, will be improved and supplemented with new features.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for suggestions or questions.

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