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Information for people with disabilities

Offers for the visually impaired

At all locations of the library, screen readers with a strong magnification are available (max. 35 times magnification). You find this equipment in the Haus Potsdamer Straße in the general reading room besides the stairway to the maps reading room. In the Haus Unter den Linden the library provides a carrell with a workplace for blind users. If you wish to use it, please contact the reference staff. In the Haus Potsdamer Straße we can also provide, if required, individual reader carrels, where an accompanying person can read aloud. Accompanying persons of users with disabilities who can provide appropriate identification may access the controlled areas without a library card. People who at home have the necessary technical equipment for reading may be allowed to borrow the literature they require. If the item is in a good state of preservation, you may even borrow works which were published before 1956.

Take the opportunity and prepare your library visit by using our request service.

Information for wheelchair users

Unfortunately, the buildings of the Staatsbibliothek are not suitable for wheelchair users. Our staff will be happy to give you the necessary support. Does someone accompany you? Accompanying persons of users with disabilities who can provide appropriate identification are permitted to enter the controlled areas without a library card (§ 3 of the library regulations).

Grafik Haus Unter den Linden

Haus Unter den Linden (currently closed)

  • Entrance
    There is a ramp at the entrance. The reading rooms are accessible by lift. Please observe that the lift from the ground floor only brings you to the first floor. From the first floor you can take another lift to the reading room.
  • Toilets
    Disabled toilets are located on the first floor (accessible by lift).
  • General reading room
    All levels of the General reading room are accessible by lift.
  • Workplaces suitable for wheelchairs
    A wheelchair accessible workplace is located in the General reading room.
  • Rare Books and Music Reading Room
    It is situated on the first floor. The workplaces are located on a lower level and a transport aid is available.
  • Maps Reading Room
    The Maps Reading Room is currently located in the internal area on the first floor. Please contact our staff in the entrance area.
Grafik Haus Potsdamer Straße

Haus Potsdamer Straße

  • Parking
    On the parking spaces of the Staatsbibliothek there are three signposted places for persons with limited mobility.
  • Entrance
    On the left-hand side there is a door with a wheelchair symbol, which is a push-button automatic door.
  • Registration desk and Book collection area - for external use
    This area is located on the ground floor in the rear area of the entrance hall.. Entrances to the book collection area are relatively narrow and the requested items may be on one of the upper shelves. We will be happy to fetch items from the shelves and bring them to you. Please contact staff in this area.
  • General Reading Room
    In the area of the entrance control there are lifts which bring you to the reading room. The 2nd floor houses the reading room hold shelf for media that you have ordered for use in the reading room. Not accessible are the areas of HB 9 (Economic sciences) and HB 12 to 17 (Mathematics, physics, astronomy, chemistry, geo sciences, biology, agricultural sciences, medicine, sports/games and technology) on the gallery, fourth floor. If necessary, please contact staff members at the reference desks, who will be happy to fetch the desired books and bring them to you.
  • Wheelchair accessible tables
    In the reading room, second floor in the area of HB 3 and in the reading room, third floor in the area of HB 10 wheelchair accessible tables are available, they are marked accordingly.
  • Südempore (currently closed)
    Please contact staff at the entrance control or at the reference desk in the reading room. The lift which brings you to this level can only be opened by key and it is marked accordingly. We will be happy to accompany you.
  • Copy-Shop and Cafeteria
    These are located on the first floor and are only accessible by a lift in the internal area. Please contact staff at the entrance control or in the reading rooms. The cafeteria is currently closed due to the pandemic.
  • Toilets
    In the southern part of the entrance hall disabled toilets are available which are accessible with a euro key.