Lending service area

At the lending desk staff members can give information on registration, borrowing and return of items as well as answer all questions relating to your library account. The lending service area comprises the services: registration, book collection area and reading room hold shelf.


The registration desk is located in the back of the entry hall. There the following services are offered:
-    Registration for readers
-    Issue of library cards after prior electronic registration
-    Information on terms and conditions of registration and borrowing
     as well as all questions relating to your library account
-    Address changes
-    Permanent lockers

Book collection area

You may collect your requested items for external use in the book collection area. It is located on the ground floor in the rear area of the entrance hall next to the registration desk.

Services of the book collection area:
-    Provision of items for external use
-    Rebooking requests for use in the reading room

Reading room hold shelf

The hold shelf for books requested for consultation in the reading room is located on the 2nd floor near the reference desk. 

All volumes ordered for use in the reading room are already booked and made available there.

You can extend the loan period for volumes located in the hold shelf yourself online in your library account.

Readers can return borrowed items by putting the items on special book trolleys in the hold shelf area but do not get a receipt.

A marked shelf is available for rebooking requests, where you can store the volumes you wish to take home. Rebooking is only possible for volumes without lending restrictions.