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Oliver Berggötz is in charge of the subject area Classical Studies. He is head of the section Reading Rooms in the Reader Services Department.

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The subject at the SBB:

Classical studies comprise a broad range of subjects: Pre- and Early History especially of the ancient Near Eastern and European areas (including Celts and Germanic peoples), the history of Classical Antiquity and the Byzantine Empire, ancient Near Eastern archaeology, Classical Archaeology, Archaeology of the Middle Ages as well as Historiography of Religion in Old Europe and Antiquity (as far as it is not part of theology). In the Staatsbibliothek Classical Philology is a subject of its own.

In general, the Staatsbibliothek maintains research level collections in this subject area. A special focus is on the acquisition of works which are historical sources (excavation reports). Text editions in languages of classical antiquity (and other languages of Europe and Asia Minor) are acquired as part of the subject Classical Philology, whereas the Oriental Department acquires text editions in languages of the ancient Near East (except Asia Minor). For more detail, please have a look at the acquisition profile of the Staatsbibliothek.

The classification system of the Old Subject Catalogue allows a thematic online search by title in the historical holdings (publication years 1501-1955).

According to the concept of the reading rooms, the essential reading room holdings of the subject area are at the site Unter den Linden:

•    HA 3 H and J: Historiography of Religion (Bibliographies: HA 1 Kh and Ki)
•    HA 6 V to X: Pre- and Early History, Archaeology (Bibliographies: HA 1 Nv bis Nx)
•    HA 7 Cc 1000 to 4700: Epigraphy of Antiquity
•    HA 7 Dc to Dg: History of Antiquity; Byzantine Empire

Readers find basic refrence material at the site Potsdamer Straße:

You find an overview of the collections in the online subject classification of the reading rooms.

Databases - subject to license as well as freely available ones - are listed in Datenbank-Infosystem (DBIS)


For online journals please look at Electronic Journals Library (EZB):

If you wish to access important electronic resources, please use the reading room online subject classification and click on the symbol on the right side of the page (Buch mit CD) [book with CD].

The Staatsbibliothek increasingly purchases electronic items (E-Books), which are only listed in the online catalogue. There you can limit your search to electronic items.

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