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Being one of the great philological disciplines, English and American Studies have traditionally been one of the collection strengths of the SBB. Therefore readers can expect a very broad range of primary and secondary literature. Over the last few years and decades, English and American Studies, via the classic subdisciplines Literature and Language studies, have developed towards cultural studies in a broader and above all trans-disciplinary sense. As a result, many relations and cross-relations to other subjects such as Humanities, Cultural and Social Sciences have emerged. Alongside resources and literature from and related to the large anglophone cultural regions of Great Britain and the USA, we also extensively acquire media from and related to Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Literature from and relating to anglophone countries of Africa and Asia are purchased by the regional special departments of the State Library. The Ibero-American Institute collects literature relating to the anglophone culture of the Caribbeans as well as material on the Spanish-speaking literature and culture of the USA.

We offer you a very broad range of original language editions and single titles of the canon of English authors as well as of many important new and contemporary authors . Popular fiction (Detective Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction etc.) is also an important resource for research and is adequately covered. The Staatsbibliothek also extensively acquires English Studies research literature and, as a rule, in the original language. The holdings of the subject area are complemented by a comprehensive collection of reference works (dictionaries, histories of literature, concordances, encyclopedias and lexikons) as well as by academic research journals in print or electronic format. In the library, readers have access to all subject-related databases – either at the Internet-PCs in the reading rooms, via WiFi at the site Potsdamer Straße, or via remote access from any PC .

For more detail, please have a look at the acquisition profile of the Staatsbibliothek.
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As early as before 1945 the collections relating to English language and literature studies were relatively extensive. In addition to Shakespeare and large text editions the library especially strengthened the acquisition of English prose (novels). Whenever possible, German translations were acquired in addition to works in their original language. In earlier centuries, the focus was on English authors; since the beginning of the 20th century the library has intensified its collection activities regarding American and Canadian literature. After 1945, the traditional acquisition priorities regarding the purchase of material for English and American Studies were pursued in both parts of the library – dependent on circumstances and financial resources.

Large parts of the original old holdings of general research literature on English Studies have to be considered as lost by the war. Almost all work editions and the biographical secondary sources, however, have survived the war. The holdings on the history, geography, culture, and literature of English-speaking countries which are important for philological research are very comprehensive and were affected by war casualties only to a small extent.

The Old Subject Catalogue indexes the historical collections.
The subject area English Studies comprises subject and shelfmark groups Z to Ze, however, as with all other philologies, work editions and secondary sources relating to specific authors are shelved at the notation symbol Ak and Aw-Ax.

In the general reading rooms, in the sections HA 5 V and W (site Unter den Linden) as well as HB 5 V and W (site Potsdamer Straße) you find complete works and single-work editions of the standard canon of authors as well as dictionaries, overviews, and reference works of English and American Studies.

At the site Unter den Linden the focus is on literature related to eras, authors and topics up to and including the 19th century, whereas at the site Potsdamer Straße readers can find resources spanning different eras as well as literature on the modern and postmodern eras (20th and 21st centuries).

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