Item Delivery Times

Please have a look into your library account to have information whether or not the requested item is ready for collection.

When you will receive an ordered volume depends on

  • where the book is stored,
  • where it is intended to be made available and
  • when you ordered it.

General rules for requests:

When you place an order after 1 pm, you will receive requested items on the following day at the earliest. Requests placed on a Friday after 1 pm can be provided on Monday morning at the earliest.

Volumes that have to be transported from one building to the other or are stored offsite: From Monday to Thursday these items are generally ready for collection on the following day. In case it is necessary to request items by sending a conventional order form to the stacks, the processing of the order may take an additional day.

Borrowing: For seven days your requested collection items are ready for collection in the book collection area at the library site Potsdamer Straße.

Items that you have requested into the reading room are available during the whole loan period of 30 days.