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Imaging and Duplication Services

Application for digitization of a text for personal use of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (SBB) being out of copyright

  • Please fill in one form for each volume and send it off by clicking on "Continue to data check".
  • Please check your data and correct them, if necessary; otherwise please confirm by clicking on "Finish".
  • Please insert the shelf marks selected from our catalogues into the corresponding fields.
  • Please always indicate the year of publication. In case it is missing, please indicate 0000. We will then find out the missing date for you.
  • Please send the information to our server and print out the form appearing in the seperate window for your information or store it.
  • Please read our extended informations on DigiService and be aware that special materials (special holdings) may include a different digitalization process. We will contact you on that circumstances.

Herewith, I apply for digitization of the following shelf mark(s):
(Please note: * indicates a mandatory field.)

Personal data


Invoice address (if different form above) / Value added tax ID (if available)


Specification of readers's requests

When do you need the digitized medium at the latest:
(The ordering time is at least three working days.)


Information on the digitized medium (multiply listed, if necessary, one note for each shelf mark)

(if unknown: insert 0000)
from to
from to
from to
from to

Price list DigiService for preliminary information
Please notice that different prices may apply for digitalization of special materials.

Do you want to obtain a cost estimate in addition to the price information before execution of your order?

We recommend the following output formats for digitization of the desired text pages to you:

Multipage PDF file, grey scale, 300 dpi, download-link

If you have specific requirements, we will be pleased to meet them; if so, higher costs may incur. Please note that we are not able to offer all qualities owing to conservation of the original.

You hereby agree to the copyright terms as stipulated below.

The digital reproduction are purely for my private use according to §§ 53, 54 UrhG (Law for Copyright). I hereby declare that I will neither publish, reproduce, pass them on nor use them otherwise (except for dissertations which are not available in the book trade or for similar non-commercial purposes) without preliminary permission of the Bildagentur für Kunst, Kultur und Geschichte (Bpk) Preußicher Kulturbesitz (Picture Archive), Märkisches Ufer 16-18, 10179 Berlin (contact: kontakt@bpk-images.de). I fully accept the Library’s Terms and Conditions and the conditions regulated by law.

If desired, our provider will send you a cost estimate as soon as possible. Please return this estimate confirmed by you within a week. After receipt, your order will be processed promptly.

If a cost estimate is not wanted, the order is considered placed when having sent off the form and will be processed as fast as can be.

Method of payment:
You are asked to transfer the money to the mentioned account after confirmation of order. After receipt of payment, delivery will duly be executed.