Newspaper Department

Highlights of the collections

Die Stats- u. Gelehrte Zeitung des Hamburgischen unpartheyischen Correspondenten vom 13. Mai 1741

The Newspaper Department holds original edition newspapers from the mid-18th century onwards.  The collection of the department contains a wide variety of German-language newspapers dating back to the 18th century. In addition to the major Berlin newspapers, such as “Vossische Zeitung”, “Haude & Spenersche Zeitung” and “Kreuzzeitung”, the collection also includes other important newspaper publications such as the “Hamburgische unpartheyische Correspondent", the "Braunschweigischen Anzeigen", the "Leipziger Zeitung" or also the "Allgemeine Zeitung" from Augsburg as well as the “Wiener Zeitung”. The department’s collection of foreign newspapers holds some rare historical items, for example: “Journal de Paris” (from 1778, May); “London Chronicle” (from 1761, 30 June); and Sevillian “Gazeta del gobierno” (from 1808, January – June).

Journal de Paris vom 4. Mai 1778
Gazeta del gobierno aus Sevilla vom 7. April 1809