Access conditions for literature that needs particular protection

The following media are only provided for onsite use in the reading room:

  • pre-1955 books
  • large-sized books (folio)
  • items that contain mainly illustrations
  • unbound serials
  • micro-materials.

The following material can only be used at site Unter den Linden (currently closed):

  • all pre-1850 publications,
  • large-sized volumes (marked by 2” or 2°) of the old stock,
  • specific shelf mark groups: official journals, Bibl. Varnhagen, Bibl. Diez, Krieg, etc.
  • rare books (see in our catalogue: Unter den Linden – Rara reading room),
  • parts of the Music Department holding.

You may borrow a maximum of 20 items for use in the reading rooms. If these ordered volumes are not picked up within seven days, they will be returned to the stocks.