It is generally permitted to photograph, film and scan library materials in the general reading rooms with your own device for personal non-commercial purposes (Conditions of Use §18 (3)). Please do not use flash photography. In special reading rooms and other special areas of the library, you will need prior permission if you wish to film, photograph or scan items.

When in the reading rooms, please be considerate of library users and visitors.

If you need images for commercial purposes, please refer to our Imaging and Duplication Services page.

A permit must always be obtained in advance for filming and photographing in the public spaces of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. As a rule, such recordings are only possible outside of the opening hours.

For further information and if you have any questions regarding this topic, please contact:

Martin Pechlitza (for location Haus Unter den Linden)


Udo Back (for location Haus Potsdamer Straße)

If you would like to report about the library’s activities and current events, please contact our press office.

Press photos on current events and the relevant terms of use can be found on the page “Selection of Press photos” (Auswahl an Pressebildern; in German).