Messenger and Newsletter

Relevant Information for Users

Messenger Services

In addition to the usual information sources (notices, websites, blog, social media) you can use the messenger services Telegram and WhatsApp and receive relevant information (e.g. change of opening times as a result of a staff meeting, delay in the provision of requested items) on your smartphone.

You can access the relevant channel of the Staatsbibliothek here:


If you subscribe to this channel, we do not save any data.


If you have already installed WhatsApp on your smartphone, you can easily subscribe to this newsletter in two simple steps:

1. Save the mobile number of the newsletter (see below) in your address book as „Service Staatsbibliothek“.
2. Send a WhatsApp message containing the text 'Hiermit melde ich mich zum SBB Newsletter an'. Please do not indicate your name or your library card number, we only save your phone number.

Data protection - Information

Phone number of the newsletter: +4915152751609

What to do if you do no longer want to receive notifications?

  • Either you delete the contact in your address book,
  • or you block us in your Whatsapp contact list,
  • or you send us a WhatsApp message with the text: Abmeldung

WhatsApp is available for Android-Smartphones, iPhones, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian.
If you start using a new smartphone, you may have to include the phone number of the newsletter in your contact list, if you want to continue receiving messages from us.

E-Mail Newsletter

Currently, we offer the following newsletters (in German):

A newsletter (only in German) about services and use of the library is currently in preparation

This newsletter informs you approx. once a month about current cultural events, exhibitions, concerts, readings and guided tours once a month.

This newsletter provides information on current dates of our training offers in the Wissenswerkstatt. Our Wissenswerkstatt (knowledge workshop) offers, i. a., subject-related introductions, database trainings, lectures and discussions on current topics.