Details on Service and Use

Please understand that due to pandemic-related changes, the following content may not reflect the current status and please also check the blog for more information at COVID-19: Unsere Services / Our Services.

Only a very small part of our collections is freely accessible in the reading rooms. The main part held in the central stacks on both sites and in the external storage building needs to be ordered electronically. Our information staff can help you on both library sites or by phone +49 30 266-433888.

Our current conditions of use, house rules and charges and fees apply at all times.

You must own a valid library card (free of charge) to use our services.

When logging in to your library account, you can check the present status of your orders.

Processing times depend on the time of ordering and the place of collecting.

You can borrow 60 items, but you can only order a maximum of 5 items at a time. Once these orders have been processed, you can place another 5 orders. The pick-up area for external loans is located in the entrance hall at Potsdamer Straße. The pick-up area/ reserve for the items borrowed for use in the reading room is located on the 2nd floor near the information desk. Items borrowed for external use can also be returned at Unter den Linden.

You may also reserve library items (see your library account).

The reference collections in our reading rooms are not available for loan. These bear the shelf marks HA, HB, HsLs, OLS etc. in our catalogue.

Some materials deserve special protection and therefore are only available for onsite use in our reading rooms.

If a particular item is not held by our library, you may order it through the inter-library loan.

Newspapers are not for loan and are subject to special terms of use.

The initial loan period is 30 days and may be extended  up to ten times by yourself in your library account.

In accordance with § 5 (3) of our guidelines, users are liable for any damages and losses of media. In this case, please contact the Lending Desk and fill in the form called Loss Statement that may be printed out here.

For questions about this service, please call +49 30 266 433999 / +49 30 266 433777.