Supplier Information

General Terms of Delivery

Unless the contracting parties have expressly agreed otherwise, the present General Terms of Delivery shall apply.   

    Placing of orders

    • Please quote if it is known: our order number (e.g. IIAMN14013026) or journal shelf mark (e.g. Zsn 123456) on any communication and records.
    • Please send us the latest edition of the book ordered, unless expressed otherwise. We usually note in our orders if another edition is acceptable for us; this applies for antiquarian orders too. Please contact us before delivery if you have any questions. In case of a continuation order of multivolume works, please contact us before delivery of a new edition (either of a single book or the complete set).
    • We usually prefer a hardback edition, unless otherwise noted.
    • For any order not handled within 24 months, it will be understood that the order is cancelled.


    • We ask you to choose sustainable solutions for package sizes and packaging material.
    • When working with logistics companies, we ask you to cooperate as far as possible with companies whose sustainability works is certified.

    Further inquiries / information

    • Please do not send information regarding our orders until the first reminder is sent.
    • However we ask for immediate notification, if delivery is not possible; possible reasons e.g. not available in booktrade or not published.
    • If any of the conditions below exists, please contact us before delivery to make sure that we agree to the conditions, if
    • there is a difference in essential details of the order or the item ordered; possible reason e.g. the ordered items are parts of a continuation, journal or a serial not mentioned in the order.
    • you receive a duplicate order, not labelled as "Mehrfachex." or "added copy"
    • the price, including for antiquarian acquisitions, differs as follows:
    • Order without indication of price (€ 0,01):
      Query if the delivery price is € 70,00 and more
    • Order with indication of price:
      Query if the delivery price exceeds the price quoted in the order by more than 20 per cent and the price is € 70,00 and more
    • Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time, if you have any questions concerning our orders.

    Antiquarian acquisition

    • We ask for antiquarian acquisition if the ordered title is out of print.
    • We expect antiquarian books to be delivered
    • in as good a condition as possible with a well-balanced price-performance ratio; please inquire if the price exceeds the price agreement specified above,
    • with a clear and verifiable ownership structure / provenance,
    • in the edition we ordered - usually we note in our orders if another edition is acceptable for us. Please contact us before delivery if you have any questions.
    • We ask vendors to keep a search list if an antiquarian acquisition is not possible. Titles on the search list should be checked regularly for availability with the maximum of 24 months after order date.
    • Please let us know when you put a title on the search list so we won’t claim these titles.
    • For any order not handled within 24 months, it will be understood that the order is cancelled. We ask for notification concerning cancellation.


    • Orders for CD-ROMs (also as supplements to books) contain the following note:
      "Single user network licence / Technical requirements: Ability to run in a MS Windows 2008 Environment with Terminal Services / Installation on a network drive"
      This means that we ask for a networking licence and therewith for the permission to install the CD-ROM onto a server, so that accessing is possible from any PC inside the library (also via WLAN for authenticated users) but only from one user at a time. In this case please make sure to mention NETWORKING LICENCE on your invoice.
    • Please contact us before delivery to make sure that we agree to the conditions:
    • if there is no networking licence available
    • if networking licence is only available for an extra charge
    • if a single user networking licence allows access only from one special PC


    1. General requirements, details on the product and the order on the invoice:

    • Individual invoice for each product (in case of print publications: in duplicate in each book, also in case of multiple copies)
    • For bundles (combination of print and online publications) SBB needs individual invoices for print and online
    • If invoice items have different tax rates, SBB requires separate invoices by tax rate

    Mandatory information on the invoice:

    • Supplier invoice number and invoice date
    • Ordering department of the library, e.g. Abt. Bestandsaufbau, IIA
    • Our order number, e.g. IIAMN21013026
    • Quantity and description of the goods rendered or scope and type of additional services, incl. details on terms of the subscription/license agreement
      (e.g. title, author, „vol 36“ or „1.1.2021-31.12.2021)

    The following breakdown of costs is needed:

    • Price of the product (if applicable in foreign currency, incl. exchange rate)
    • In case of discounts: discount in percent and discounted price of the publication.
      In case of reduced discounts this should be noted on the invoice
    • Any surcharges, e.g. auction surcharges, agreed upon service charges, handling fees
    • Additional services such as binding, transport and any other are to be listed separately as „additional services“ on the invoice
    • Display of the tax rate applied and the amount of tax for each invoice item (if applicable)

    Following details on the invoice are desired:

    • Our budget code, e.g. 1e3e
    • Printing the phrase "Vereinnahmt unter den jeweils angegebenen Zugangsnummern in den Akzessionsjournalen"
    • Printing the phrase "Sachlich richtig"
    • Type of order, e.g. „zur Fortsetzung“, standing order
    • Invoice number as barcode
    • Invoice date as barcode

    Observation of supplementary specifications as listed below

    2. Supplementary specifications for the issuing of invoices by the supplier (i.e. in most cases mandatory elements according to § 14 UStG):

    • Name and address of the supplier
    • Name and address of the ordering department of Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (beneficiary)
      Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
      Preußischer Kulturbesitz
      Abt. Bestandentwicklung und Metadaten, IIA, H2
      Potsdamer Str. 33
      10785 Berlin
    • Supplier’s tax number or VAT number
    • In case of private persons as vendors: add the information „Privatverkauf/private sale“
    • Specify on the invoice if a VAT exemption is applicable, for smaller vendors or not-for-profit-organisations
      e.g. „VAT exemption according to …“
    • Specify on the invoice if differential taxation is applicable
    • Bank details of the supplier
    • For deliveries from EU member states SBB requires a net invoice. The supplier has to provide the business‘ VAT number on the invoices as well as SBB’s VAT number: DE 33 820 490 0 (Attention: New VAT number!)
      Additionally, the following specification has to be on the invoices:
      For print publications: . „Within the EU we request VAT-exempt intra-community delivery“
      For electronic resources: „VAT reverse charge according to article 196 of EU VAT directive 2006/112“


    We reserve the right of return without query in following cases:

    • mistakes caused by distributor, e.g.: wrong title, duplicate delivery, defective binding,
    • delivery of defective copies, e.g.: missing pages / damaged block.        

    Last update: Febraur 2022