Cloakroom, Café and more

Below we have put together a list of our basic services which is meant to help you preparing your visit to the library and make it as pleasant as possible.

For the protection of the collections and other visitors, excessively large objects, large non-transparent bags or backpacks may not be taken into the general and exhibition areas. Laptop cases, wheelchairs, walking aids and prams are expressly permitted. Smaller handbags, shoulder bags and transparent carrier bags may also be carried.
The staff on site will make a final decision on whether items may be brought in (House Rules).

Lockers for daily storage are available in both buildings. To use them, you need either a 1-euro or 2-euro coin. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to change money. At Haus Potsdamer Straße there are additional day lockers for use with own padlock (recommended). 
Please empty these lockers by 10 pm.

In Haus Unter den Linden there is a cloakroom that is staffed from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 6 pm and is free of charge for visitors to the library and StabiKulturwerk. After 6 pm, no responsibility is assumed for any property left there. In the evening hours, the staff at the entrance control will assist you in retrieving your belongings.


In both buildings you have the possibility to rent StabiBoxes for storing your documents long term. For more information, please click on Research Service.

For transporting your own materials within our buildings we provide carrier baskets. You find them in the General Reading Rooms at the hold shelves. At the site Haus Potsdamer Straße you find such baskets in the entrance hall and at the site Haus Unter den Linden you can find them near the lockers.

For the transport of material that you need in the reading room you may also use transparent bags. These bags, as well as a small range of office supplies, can be purchased from vending machines located in the foyers of both buildings.

Telephone calls in our reading rooms are prohibited in order not to disturb the quiet working atmosphere.

At the site Haus Potsdamer Straße we provide two sound-proof telephone booths where you can easily make a call and have an undisturbed conversation. One booth is located at the window facade on the floor where the cafe is located, the other booth is located in the entrance hall just beside the bag vending machine.

In both our sites there are cafés.

  • Café Felix at the Haus Unter den Linden is located on the ground floor and is open from Monday - Saturday from 9am - 6pm and on Sunday from 11am - 5pm
    In addition, there is a restaurant which is also located on the ground floor and open from 11.30am - 2.30pm. On 2 October, the restaurant will be closed. Menu company restaurant

  • The café at the site Haus Potsdamer Straße is located in the controlled area on the 1st floor and is open from Monday - Friday from 8.30am - 8pm and on Saturday from 11am - 5pm
  • You will find the vending machines with snacks and beverages in the Haus Potsdamer Straße in the rear of the foyer just behind the wall (location) featuring a work of art by Bernhard Heiliger. The vending machine for snacks is currently out of order.

Have you forgotten or lost anything in the Staatsbibliothek?

Immediately after the loss, please contact staff at the entrance control or after a few days you should contact our lost property office.