Registration | Library Card

For access to the Reading Rooms as well as for all other services you need to register for a library card of the Staatsbibliothek. The library card is free of charge, valid for one year and renewable.

You can register either online or in person at the Lending Desks of both library sites.

Online registration, valid for 6 weeks

An online registration allows you to order items during a period of 14 days, to use electronic resources for 6 weeks and to get access to the reading rooms (without Wi-Fi). (WLAN access is possible with the regular library card of the State Library, see below).

  • Please fill out our registration form (application for admission). There you find more information on the library's conditions of use and data protection.
  • Then please send an email to  (subject: surname, first name) together with a scan or photo of the documents listed below. Last name, first name, address and date of birth should be clearly legible:
    • valid German identity card (front and back) OR
    • valid EU passport (with a registration certificate if you wish to take books home*)
    • for non-EU citizens a passport, ID (with a valid visa or residence permit (front and back) if you wish to take books home*)
  • As soon as we recieve all necessary documents, we will set up a temporary library account which is valid for 6 weeks. You will receive a library card number and your password in non-encrypted form via email.

*Proof of residence in Germany is required if you wish to borrow media for use at home. If you register just with ID or passport, you can only use books in the reading room.

Library card, valid for one year

If you would like to use the Staatsbibliothek beyond this period, you can obtain a library card (smart card) within 6 weeks after your online registration at one of our lending desks at both sites. This card is valid for one year and includes all services, including the use of Wi-Fi in the reading rooms. Please present the required original identity documents and a signed registration form

Your temporary library account and all data will be transferred to a new, final card number, which is valid for one year. If you don‘t show up at our lending desks within 6 weeks after your online registration, your account will expire.

If you would like to register for a library card in person, you may come directly to one of our Lending Desks. You are welcome to print and fill out the application from prior to your visit. Please remember to bring the required original identification documents. You will immediately receive your library card (smart card), which allows you to use all services of the Staatsbibliothek for one year, including access to the reading rooms and Wi-Fi in both sites.

The minimum age for registration is 16 years. Up to the age of 18, a declaration of consent from a parent or guardian is required. You are welcome to print out and fill out the Declaration of Consent before your visit. In addition to the above-mentioned documents, the original identity card of the parent or guardian must also be presented for registration. You may then register on site and receive your library card immediately.

Corporate entities such as institutions, academic chairs, or companies have the option to get a library card issued for their organization. You can also register your institution online in advance or have your card issued on site. Registration is free of charge.

Please note that for licensing reasons, we cannot offer corporate library card owners remote access to electronic resources.

In order to register as a corporate user, you will need, in addition to the application form, a letterhead from your institution on which you name up to three authorised signatories with the appropriate signatures. This document also has to be signed by the management of the institution. You can send this letter as a scan to the following e-mail address: The corresponding library card can be obtained by one of the authorized signers at one of our lending desks. For this purpose, please bring the letterhead of the institution, the signed registration form and an original personal identification card.

In general, we can only issue one copy of the library card per institution, which can be shared by the persons authorised to sign. 

The renewal of the validity of your corporate library card can be applied for in person and also by e-mail to incl. scans of the documents listed above.

Your personal library card has expired? You can extend the validity in person at the Lending Desk or Issue Desk or online.

The following requirements apply for an online renewal:

  • You already have a library card for the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
  • You are a personally registered user of the Staatsbibliothek
  • Your library account has not been blocked (i.e. due to unpaid fees). Please check your library account in advance.

Please, find here the Renewal Form.

After successful renewal of your library card you will receive a confirmation email. Afterwards you can use your library card as before.

Guidelines for the use of our collections are laid down in the Benutzungsordnung - Gebührenordnung (Conditions of use - Charges and fees) and in the Hausordnung (House rules).

Updates of personal data (address, name, visa, etc.) can be requested both on site and via the registration service. Please report at the counter or send your change requests and a scan of the official documents to the following mail address: