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East Asia Department

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The Virtual Special Subject Library East and South-East Asia - CrossAsia - offers access to research information for East and South-East Asian Studies. Cross Asia is cooperatively organized and modularly structured.

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From New Acquisitions of the East Asia Department

"Popular Private Collections: Collection of Taiwanese Materials of the Republican and Post War Periods" (Minjian sicang: Minguo shiqi ji zhan hou Taiwan ziliao huibian 《民間私藏, 民國時期暨戰後臺灣資料彙編》), Section Culture and Education (wenjiao pian文教篇). Eds. in Chief: Yang Lianfu 楊蓮福 und Chen Qian 陳謙. Series "Folk Classics" (Minzhong jingdian 民眾經典). Facsimile-Reprint, Publisher: BoyYoung (Boyang wenhua shiye youxian gongsi 博揚文化事業有限公司), Taipei, 2013. 21 Volumes. ISBN 978-9866-54387-6. (http://www.boyyoung.com.tw)
"This set contains reprinted privately-owned materials which until now have been rarely accessible. The materials cover the four fields of culture/fine arts, education, overview of educational facilities and, topography/tourism. It contains more than 70 kinds of books, especially pre- and post-war materials of many kinds relating to culture and education which are valuable for research and reference. The volumes average between 400 and 600+ pages. They also contain contemporaneous photographs, advertisement etc. of the original materials.

Compared to the more comprehensive publication from the PR China, 館藏民國台灣檔案彙編 Guancang minguo Taiwan dang'an huibian (影印本.  北京 : 九州出版社, 2007. [shelf mark: 5 B 36038]), a compilation of official sources, the present collection published by BoyYoung differs from it insofar as it presents materials from private collections." (from publisher's information).
The collection is presently being analytically subject-catalogued and will then be available for our patrons under the shelf mark 5 A 180786.




New Plug-in: Recent Acquisitions

With immediate effect, we are offering on our internet pages a new service many of you have been asking us for.

It is now possible to inform yourself about recently-acquired new titles in the East Asia Department. You can find this new functionality by following the left column navigation, "Search", and then clicking on "Recent Acquisitions." 

The "Current“ slider shows, for the two half-year periods of the current year, the new titles in Western languages acquired by the East Asia Department. The search is subdividable according to Country, Region and Theme. Each search generates anew the list of hits directly from the East Asia OPAC.

Older entries will henceforth be found in an "Archive" that has been installed already. This will be filled eventually year by year. The functionality may also be useful, for example, for institutional libraries as an aid for their own acquisitions.

Straight to Recent Acquisitions.




Book Donation to the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin on the Occasion of a Visit of the Wife of the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

On 18 November 2013, Mme. Christine Chow Ma 周馬 (Christine Chow Mei-ching 周美青第一夫人), the wife of President Ma Ying-jeou 馬英九總統 of the Republic of China (Taiwan), paid a visit to the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. She was accompanied by a delegation and Mr. Thomas Heilmann (Senator of Justice and Consumer Protection of the State of Berlin) and the representative of the Taipei mission in the Federal Republic of Germany, Mme. Agnes Hwa-Yue Chen 陳華玉夫人.
On this occasion, the First Lady presented the Staatsbibliothek with 13 of a set of eventually 16 precious volumes about the most important Chinese paintings from the holdings of the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

The Gugong canghua daxi 故宮藏畫大系

Thus far, 13 volumes of the Gugong canghua daxi 故宮藏畫大系 (A Panorama of Paintings in the Collection of the National Palace Museum), ed. by He Chuanxin 何傳馨著 (二版, 台北: 故宫, 民100.10 [Oct. 2011]) have been published. They are part to the first new reprint edition of the 16 volumes that were published originally between 1993 and 1998. The 13 new volumes published so far were printed with different print runs (vols. 1-5 [2011]: 500 copies; vols. 6-8 [2012]: 400 copies; vols. 9-13 [2012-2013]: 350 copies); the last volume so far was printed in October 2013. Three more volumes are scheduled to follow.
The heavy, damask-bound large-format (30x44 cm) volumes are protected by dark-blue slipcases (han 函) each. All important themes and sujets of traditional Chinese painting are represented: figure painting, landscapes, flowers and birds, Buddhist themes, etc.

The holdings of the National Palace Museum, comprising more than 696,000 items, include over 5,000 paintings, dating from the Tang to the Qing dynasties (618-1911), from which a group of experts selected 618 outstanding works for the first edition. This was published between 1993 and 1998 in 16 volumes, arranged according to periods and artists. Several volumes of this first edition have been long since out of print.

The contents of the volumes is arranged according to Preface; List of Paintings (chin. and engl.); Colour Plates; Notes on the Paintings (chin. and engl.); Supplementary Plates (b/w, Captions chin./engl.); Painters' Seals (b/w). Numerous enlargements of important picture areas allow for easy viewing even of the minutest details.
New photographs were produced for this edition and the romanisation of the English translations was updated. Selection, layout and format of the first edition were retained. The whole compilation includes two volumes for the Tang, Five Dynasties, and the Northern and Southern Song, two volumes on the Zhao family and the Yuan dynasty, plus twelve volumes for works from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

The National Palace Museum in Taipei 臺北國立故宮博物院

The National Palace Museum in the Republic of China houses the largest and most important collection of Chinese art in the world. By far the largest part of this collection stems from the palace collection of the Qianlong 乾隆 –emperor (r. 1736-1795) of the Qing dynasty (1644-1911).
In 2012, 4.36 million visitors vistited the museum, some 2.12 mio of them tourist groups from the People's Republic of China. These were followed by visitors from Japan (448,000), South Korea (93,000), South East Asia (70,000), Hong Kong (68,000) and, Taiwan (44,000). For 2013, it is expected to top 4.5 mio visitors. http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2013/12/06/2003578434 (acc. 12.12.2013).

After cataloguing, the work with the shelf mark 5 C 7341 is now available for perusal in the special reading room (OLS) of the East Asia Department for the patrons of the Staatsbibliothek.

ADDENDUM: On 10 February 2014, Mr. Shen Wei-chiang 沈文強, Head of the Press Department of the Taipei mission, presented the library with the last three volumes 14-16 which have been published in the meantime. Thereby, the complete set is now available.