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Map Department


Outline of search possibilities - Holdings of the map department

  • Items published before 1940: StaBiKat

  • Items published after 1940: combined search in the conventional catalogues of the map department and StaBiKat

Search possibilities (in detail)

Post-1940 maps
  • Cartographic materials published after 1940: in StaBiKat 
  • Official topographic map series: also in the Topo-List, listing by region/country (a map series is a set of many map sheets which are detailed and cover a whole territory) 
Pre-1940 maps (=old maps)
Topographic views
  • Views (mainly published before 1940): Microfiche catalogue of the old holdings
  • Berlin views: Special database under development
Publications on cartography (incl. gazetteers and touristic guides)
  • Almost completely on StaBiKat
  • Partly searchable on Sachliche Suche 1501-1955
  • Not on the Stabikat: ca. 5,000 pre-1940 volumes of the map department's shelfmark "Kart. Z …": Microfiche catalogue of old maps
  • Recent literature published after ca. 1989 (also articles) in the Bibliographia Cartographica  
  • Subject heading catalogue of cartographic literature (also for articles)
  • Geographic and cartographic holdings of the Gesellschaft für Erdkunde: catalogues in book form and card catalogues
Regional Search
  • Regional subject headings after ca. 1995: StaBiKat
  • Territorial subject headings after ca. 1940: Topo-List
  • Regional subject headings until ca. 1995: Regional catalogue (also for parts of the old holdings)
  • Regional classification for the post-1940 holdings at Unter den Linden: Neuer Systematischer Katalog (New Systematic Catalogue)
  • Regional classification until 1940: Microfiche catalogue of the old holdings
  • Regional subject headings until 1850: Old maps database (IKAR)
Thematic search
  • Highly detailed thematic search regarding various publications (books, articles, etc.) of all times: two subject heading catalogues with a systematic index
  • Thematic subject headings after 1995: StaBiKat 
  • City maps after 1940: card catalogue
  • Touristic guides: card catalogue
  • Cartographers until ca. 2000: Biographical catalogue
  • Thematic classification until 1940: Microfiche catalogue of the old holdings
  • Thematic subject headings until 1850: Old maps database (IKAR)