When looking for cartographic works and publications on cartography it is necessary to search the electronic catalogues and nearly always also our electronic catalogues.

  • Catalogues, overview: Short instructions regarding search strategies
  • StaBiKat: main electronic catalogue of the Staatsbibliothek (incomplete regarding pre-1940 maps)
  • IKAR-database of old maps: maps printed before 1850 held by the Staatsbibliothek and other German libraries
  • Topo-List: List of topographic map series
  • Bibliographia Cartographica: bibliographic database of literature on cartography published since 1989
  • Views of Berlin: bibliographic database where readers can select views of Berlin (mainly of Friedrich Albert Schwartz)
  • New acquisitions: systematic listing of recent acquisitions (maps and literature) by year and quarter
  • E-Resources: databases, electronic journals, CD-ROMs and DVDs

In addition to the holdings of the map departement there is a:

  • Link collection: Selection of important cartographic sites, e.g. virtual subject library, special subject collections, specialist institutions, etc.