Further development as central image portal - bpk

bpk - Further development as central image portal

Project object

Expansion of the bpk -Bildagentur to become the central public media provider of German cultural institutions with an online shop and other services.
Professional picture users who need images for publication purposes or product design can conveniently research high-quality digitized reproductions of art works from over 200  participating museums, libraries and archives in this online-shop, download them as well as obtain permissions of use and other services for a fee.

Project term

March 2017 - July 2021 

Project participant

Picturemaxx AG, München


Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM)


Karen Tieth 
Head of bpk-Bildagentur
phone: +49 30 266 436 701
bpk - Bildagentur 

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Grütters (BMK) fördert Ausbau der Bildagentur der SPK
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