Musical Estate Claudio Abbado

Project object

The musical estate of the conductor Claudio Abbado (1933-2014) was donated by the foundation named after him in Milan to the Berlin State Library - PK. As part of the project, around 2.000 music prints (conducting and study scores, working copies, piano reductions) and over 300 conducting sheets by the world-famous musician, as well as around 9.000 letters of his professional correspondence, will be catalogued and - whenever rights-free - digitised. These materials provide an insight into the workshop of the charismatic conductor, who occupies a very special place in the music history of his time and is still admired by musicians, musicologists and critics as well as music enthusiasts and amateurs.

Project term

March 2020 - August 2023

Project participants

  • Fondazione Claudio Abbado
  • Berliner Philharmoniker


  • Bundesbeauftragte für Kultur und Medien
  • Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung - für Noten und Dirigierzettel
  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) - für Briefe


Dr. Martina Rebmann
Head of department
phone: +49 30 266 435 200 

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