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Wi-Fi at the SBB

Registered readers of the Staatsbibliothek can use the WiFi service, which provides access to various licensed databases. As we want to provide an uncomplicated access to our network there is no encoding of the Wi-Fi
To connect to the SBB Wi-Fi you must:

  • Connect to WLAN Portal
    To connect to the SBB Wi-Fi, view the available wireless networks on your device and select WLAN-Portal. Once you have connected to this network, the WLAN-Portal with further information will open in your browser. If the WLAN-Portal does not open automatically, please visit wlan-support.spk-berlin.de to be redirected to the Portal.

  • Change your password

    In order to use our Wi-Fi we request a secure password. Since the Wi-Fi login uses your library account, a one-time password change for your library account is required using the WLAN-Portal

    • Your old password is either your initial password or (if already changed) the password for your library account.
    • Your initial password is your date of birth in the format ddmmyy.
    • Your new password is not only valid for Wi-Fi but for all account services.

  • eduroam
    You can use the eduroam network in the Staatsbibliothek with the access data of your home institution. Please note that the Staatsbibliothek only provides the technical infrastructure and does not offer any support for the installation and operation of eduroam.

It is possible to print files using the SBB WLAN. The service is provided by our in house copy service BiblioCopy. Further information can be found directly at BiblioCopy.

You may take your laptop, netbook or other portable device into the reading rooms – power sockets are available at the workstations. Please note that you may only bring clear plastic bags with you into the reading rooms – laptop bags are prohibited.