Reference management software

Reference management programs support you in organising your material for studies, teaching, and research and in creating correct citations. A reference management program may help you:

  • save and clearly organize all your references and full texts,
  • download search results from library and book trade catalogues, databases and search engines with one mouse click,
  • save citations,
  • easily create correctly formatted footnotes and bibliographies,
  • save notes and ideas.

Some programs additionally provide the possibility to collaborate on bibliographies.

Which programs are available and how can I find the right one for me?
There is no perfect program for each and every application and subject. Programs available on the market have different strong and weak points. Before you make a decision you should consider for which purpose you need the software and which are the features required.

A helpful overview of popular reference management programs, their advantages and disadvantages is available at the website of the Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden.

Which questions are important to ask when looking for the right program is explained in a survey available at the website of the Technische Universität München (PDF).

You are an EndNote user and would like to search the Stabikat from within EndNote itself. What do you have to do?
For this purpose you need a so-called Connection File for the Stabikat, which you can download here (right mouse button -> 'Save target as'. Information on how to install this file is available at EndNote (right column in section „Downloading and Installing Individual Connection files“).

Does your reference management program offer the possibility to check (from within the program itself) the availability of electronic full texts?

In this case the necessary URL of the library’s link resolver is: . You will need it for the program settings.

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