Acquisition Request

In case you need a specific title which you cannot find in our StaBiKat catalogue, you may use the following form to pass on acquisition suggestions for books, journals, and electronic media. (Please note our acquisition policy / see subject list).

Please keep in mind that the acquisition process may take several weeks. If you are in urgent need of the desired publication, please check the holdings of other libraries in Berlin and the surrounding area.

If you decide to reserve the suggested acquisition, the publication will go through an expedited process and will be reserved for you directly after processing. If you wish, we can notify you by email or SMS when the publication is available.

We can only consider your suggestion if you provide a valid email or a postal address. Please also enter a phone number where we can reach you for further questions.

The form for acquisition suggestions is currently being revised. If you want to suggest a title, please send an e-mail.