The responsibilities of the Collection Development and Metadata include:

Head and Deputy Head of Department

  • future development and enhancements of the collection development policy (Grundsätze der Bestandsentwicklung)
  • coordination of the library’s acquisitions
  • coordination of agreements with suppliers
  • overall responsibility for the functional support of the local library system (LBS/ACQ) and the digitisation software Kitodo
  • future developments of cataloguing rules and standards which are discussed on the regional union catalogue’s and the national level
  • all cataloguing issues and subject indexing of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
  • coordination of the cooperation with the regional union catalogue and authority files

In detail, the responsibilities (usually corresponding with individual subdivisions) are:

Coordination of Acquisitions

  • communication with suppliers and organisation of information on relevant resources, both print and electronic
  • pre-order decisions (e.g. decision about the supplier) and ordering via the local library system
  • coordination of decisions concerning the acquisition and additional collection building concerning electronic resources, cooperative acquisition and official publications

Monograph Processing

  • Acquisition, cataloguing and processing of publications (monographs, multivolume sets, series and non-book materials) in western languages published from 1913 onwards including catalogue editing work and catalogue enrichment
  • standardising the library’s workflows for accessioning, (catalogue/metadata) editing and digitisation


  • acquisition, cataloguing and catalogue editing work for print and e-journals in western languages published from 1701 onwards
  • administration of all print and e-journals including the supervision of the journal stacks and lending of unbound issues

Metadata Management

  • coordination of the metadata schemes used by the Berlin State Library, taking into account national and international standards, in cooperation with the collection management departments, the Information and Data Management department and the library's internal Digital Library Steering Committee
  • definition and maintenance of the metadata schemes, also through continuous updating of a policy
  • documentation of the metadata schemes


  • organisation of the binding for new acquisitions and of repairing the main holdings


  • dealing with the invoicing for acquisitions and item maintenance
  • compilation of statistical data concerning the library’s acquisitions