East Asia

Blauer Leihverkehr (BLV)

The East Asia Department (EAD) of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin has established a special direct interlibrary loan service for libraries at institutions for East, Southeast and Central Asian studies at national and European universities and scholarly, academic or, scientific institutions. Through this so-called "Blauer Leihverkehr" (BLV, Blue Loan Service), named after the blue-coloured paper order forms, the EAD provides its contract partners with materials as part of the Specialized Informations Service Asia .

Before ordering materials, please note the following information:

  • The BLV is governed by the rules of the Lending Contract (Leihvertrag) between the EAD and an institution (for East, Southeast or Central Asian Studies).
  • Individuals who would like to order via the BLV have to be members of an institution which has signed the BLV Lending Contract. All orders need to be placed via this institution.
  • Ordering materials in all languages and scripts is possible for both monographs and journal articles.. 
  • All borrowable holdings of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin are available via the BLV.
  • Please use the search tools and catalogues, i.e., the East Asia Department's OPAC, the CrossAsia Search and the OPAC of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (StaBiKat). 
  • If the required item cannot be identified, the necessary bibliographical data for an order may also be supplied on the order slip (provided by the EAD) or by using the online order form, at the end of this page. 
  • The loan period is four months. Up to twelve extensions of the loan period are possible, provided there is no reservation.

The loan period is extended directly by the participating institute. Please contact the person responsible for the BLV at your institute.Please note: Upon ordering, you will receive a note of receipt from the EAD via e-mail. The information will also be forwarded to the institute's library, i.e., the EAD's contract partner that you have named on the order form.

In case of any questions, the EAD's staff will be happy to assist you. 

When placing an order online (Online Form), the entries for institution, personal name, and personal e-mail address are mandatory. 

Please note:

  • Fields marked  *   are mandatory.
  • Simplified Chinese characters (简体字) only, please.
  • One item only per order.