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East Asia Department


Japan has a well-ordered book market and efficient book dealers. Problems regarding new publications concern the amount of publications, increasing prices, small press runs and the correspondingly short period of time during which new titles are easily available. These factors call for fast selection decisions and the acceleration the ordering process, never mind the access to the best information materials and sources.

Amongst the numerous publications of fiction, collected works are given preference, as are bestsellers. From the field of fine arts, reference works and studies on the history of art as selected.

The Japanese subdepartment generally tries to cover the whole acceleration of the SSG for scholarly and scientific literature to acquire the relevant materials. Special attention is payed to jurisprudence, and, due to the backlog, social sciences and politics since 1868; to education, ethnic studies, and to general present-day related Japanese studies. Academic literature on Japan in Western languages is being acquired relatively complete.

The reference materials collection is intended to be complete; this holds especially for bibliographical, biographical reference works, biographical and terminological dictionaries, yearbooks, festschriften and commemorative publications for academic institutions, universities, publishing houses, scholars and academics (because of the bibliographies or bio-bibliographies often contained therein). Dictionaries collected include the otherwise not included areas of natural sciences and engineering.

Chinese and Korean literature on Japan will be considered, as well as Japanese literature on China research and sinology. Special attention is paid to literature from the Japanese colonial period and areas (Taiwan, Korea, Manchuria and occupied territories in China).