East Asia

CAB - China Ancient Books

National Licence

With the CAB data base, the East Asia Department provides access to 10,000 pre-modern Chinese full-text items.

Access to this data base was financially supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) in the framework of DFG-Nationallizenzen. Producer of both the data base and the full-texts is the Chinese company Erudition.

Individual titles of works available in the data base are documented in the online catalogue of the East Asia Department.

Requirements for Data Base Access

China Ancient Books needs a safe connection in a secluded environment. In order to provide users with this data base, it is published via a Terminal Server.

You need -
a current-version Internet browser that supports Java, e.g. Internet Explorer (Edge does not work), Safari up to version 11, or Firefox up to version 51, and
a Java Runtime Environment, Version 1.5, or higher.
Should you work behind a firewall, Port 3389 must be activated.

These requirements are necessary in order to enable you to run applications. If you should have further questions regarding technical requirements, please don't hesitate to contact the SSG-National Licences.