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Catalogues of the Staatsbibliothek

Our literature search engine stabikat+ is a discovery system which allows users to search in several hundred million journal articles, books, references from bibliographic databases and other resources. In many cases it is possible to directly access full texts. Stabikat+ currently includes the records of the StaBiKat and provides access to the databases subscribed to by the Staatsbibliothek and to electronic journals as well as full texts from Open Access repositories and other resources.

The online catalogue of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - StaBiKat - contains books and journals holdings as well as electronic media. Readers can search by author, title, etc. and also carry out subject searches. Article titles have not been included. A part of the holdings of the special collections departments of the Staatsbibliothek can be found in specialist online catalogues.


Manuscripts, Literary estates, Autographs

Manuscripta Mediaevalia (Manuscript database)

Kalliope (Union catalogue of literary estates and autographs)

Oriental manuscripts database

Early Printed Books


Music literature, Printed music, and Sound carriers

Musik-IPAC (Image catalogues)


East Asia


Union catalogue of serials (ZDB): The ZDB allows searching of journals, newspapers, and databases in libraries in Germany and Austria. A network of 4,300 libraries contribute to this catalogue.

Electronic journals library (EZB): According to subjects the EZB offers a structured access to electronic journals subscribed to by the Staatsbibliothek.


Card catalogues, Catalogue columes and Microfiche catalogues

Traditional subject catalogues complement the online version the old classified catalogue - Alter Realkatalog (ARK) which is currently under development.

A part of the holdings of the special collections departments of the Staatsbibliothek are still only recorded in traditional catalogues. The departments provide information on their respective catalogues.