Academic Research Service

The Staatsbibliothek wants to provide the best possible conditions for your research work by offering a number of privileges:


You need a valid library card (please also look at Online Renewal and Registration Service)

All offers are only available on a limited scale. They are limited in time and can be extended, depending on availability. This service can only be offered for general holdings and general reading rooms. All queries for working with special materials (e. g. manuscripts, maps or sheet music) should be directed to the respective special department.


You can request the use of a Carrel in our General Reading Rooms on a long-term basis and in advance. 
Application forms and further information

Permanent Lockers and Carts for Study Desks

You are welcome to store your work documents with us for longer periods.

At the Haus Unter den Linden you may rent a cart and study desk (all located in the 4th floor in the General Reading Room) for a maximum of three months (5 Euro/month). Please contact the Book Issue Desk in the 1st floor. 

At Haus Potsdamer Straße, you can rent a permanent locker for a minimum of one month and a maximum of six months (5 Euro/month, loan period can be extended). The costs will be charged to the library account. Please contact the Lending Desk in the Foyer.

Lending Quota

Admission of a higher lending quota (free of charge)
Application form for a higher lending quota


Use the renewal form offered in your library account and we will book the media you listed as new loans for you, so that you can then renew the media yourself ten times online if required.
Request for rebooking