Bestowments for our valuable collections

The development of the exceedingly rich collections of the Berlin State Library is closely associated with bestowments and legacies. Over the centuries there have been some spectacular events – perhaps the most famous being the bestowment of the autographs of "The Magic Flute" by Mozart in 1866 – just as much as others, which did not receive so much public attention, but as far as science and research are concerned, represent exceedingly valuable additions and enrichments to the collections. These include individual autographs, historical prints, fragments of bequests, maps and much more besides.

One variant of bestowment is the deposit: the pieces are given over to the State Library without the library already becoming the owner of them. This final stage for the full transfer to the library is concluded at a subsequent date according to the contractual agreement.

You would like to bestow something?

Yes, of course, we are delighted with your suggestion! Our scientific staff will first check whether the potential bestowment would fit in with our collections. Then we will discuss with you how to proceed.

New stocks are analysed by us as soon as possible, and – if no other agreement prevents it – are soon available for research on an unlimited basis. It is a matter of course that we keep our bestowed stocks under the best conservation conditions.

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