Money donations, benefits in kind contributiuons

Not every potential supporter of the State Library is the owner of a collection, an archive, a set of papers, a single autograph, a book or other piece, which he would like to present to the library as a bestowment or legacy. But even so, the wish is often expressed to engage in activities for the benefit of the cultural and scientific landscape in Germany and to assist the library in its numerous tasks by making private financial donations.

The State Library acquires and analyses scientifically relevant literature, continually adds to the collections and makes them available for research purposes. All the manuscripts, prints, maps, autographs, bequests and much other material that have ever been incorporated into our holdings are protected and maintained so that they will be available for the use of many generations following us. Thanks to our careful actions, in 350 years we have developed an inestimably valuable stock of unica belonging to the national patrimony or world heritage. In order for the library to perform its tasks based on the latest developments and state-of-the-art methods, it requires extensive resources of all kinds: highly trained staff, a strong technical and organisational infrastructure, secure buildings with modern facilities, safe packing material from a conservation perspective and much, much more. Put in a nutshell: Money or non-cash contributions always help, and they especially help us.