Slavonic Studies


Supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), the Staatsbibliothek is supervising the Specialised Information Service Slavonic Studies. The basis for the service is the library’s existing collection of about 400,000 printed works on Slavonic literature with valuable special and historical holdings. The Slavistik-Portal is the essential research tool of the Specialised Information Service Slavonic Studies.

The following key areas for action are planned for the further development:

The focus of our work is to consolidate our acquisitions profile with regard to newly published works on Slavistics in conventional and electronic format. This involves the acquisition of relevant publications from all over the world, descriptive and subject cataloguing, as well as the provision for Slavonic research in Germany. The acquisition of printed publications is increasingly complemented by the provision of licensed electronic publications, including license-free electronic publications.

The Specialised Information Service Slavonic Studies continues to expand the content cataloguing of articles of Slavonic journals, academic anthologies and conference papers. The parallel search in various specialized Slavonic collections is facilitated by the maintenance and expansion of our user-friendly web portal. On the basis of the above, a national and international collecting agency for the preparation of bibliographic and digital technical information for Slavic literature is made possible. The expansion of indexing of bibliographies is conducted retrospectively.

An expansion of our electronic information resources has been taken into account through the construction of a request-based digitization service (Digitization on Demand - DoD). This service will provide electronic access to source literature from German library holdings in public domain (DoD Slawistik). The digitization of public domain works on Slavonic Studies from the collections of the Staatsbibliothek is driven with priority by the digitization of our Old Church Slavonic collections.

With the support of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, the Specialized Information Service for Slavonic Studies operates the SlavDok disciplinary repository. The document server provides a platform for all members of Slavonic research institutions to present their primary and secondary publications from all areas of Slavonic research free of charge in open access. SlavDok provides worldwide unrestricted access, electronic long-term archiving, and high visibility of publications on the internet. All publications can be researched via the Slavistik-Portal.

The expansion of cooperations focuses on coordination of specialist research communities in Germany and other Specialised Information Services, such as the Bavarian State Library’s Specialised Information Service for East, Eastern-Central and South-Eastern Europe. We offer on-site training workshops for the improvement of professional competences in the use of licensed and license-free Slavonic databases. Additionally, tutorial videos and self-study courses in addition to the Slavistik-Portal are currently being projected.


The Specialized Information Service Slavonic Studies is supervised by the Eastern Europe Department of the Staatsbibliothek. Please feel free to contact us with your questions, suggestions and comments on the Specialised Information Service for Slavonic Studies: E-Mail.