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Loan Period, Renewals and Fines

The initial loan period is 30 days.

If your e-mail address is available in our loan system, you will receive a reminder e-mail before the loan period expires. Nevertheless, please keep an eye on your loan periods, as a reminder mail not received does not entitle you to a reminder fee waiver.


If you overrun the loan period, the following cumulative overdue fines per item will become due (§4 Scale of Charges):

1st reminder 3 €
2nd reminder 4 €
3rd reminder 5 €
4th reminder 10 €

It is possible to transfer outstanding fees to the following account:

Bundeskasse - Dienstort Kiel
IBAN DE18200000000020001066
in favour of
1097 5030 9879 / library card number: ... 

Please specify your library card number and please allow for a processing time of approximately 10 days.