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Supplier Information / Eastern Europe Department

Unless the contracting parties have expressly agreed otherwise, the present General Terms of Delivery shall apply.

Placing of orders
  • Please quote our order number, e.g. MON14013026 on any communication and records. 
  • Please send us the latest edition of the book ordered, unless expressed otherwise. We usually note in our orders if another edition is acceptable for us; this applies for antiquarian orders too. 
  • Please contact us before delivery if you have any questions. In case of a continuation order of multivolume works, please contact us before delivery of a new edition (of either a single book or the complete set). 
  • We usually prefer a hardback edition, unless otherwise noted. 
  • Orders not processed within 24 months will regarded as cancelled.
  • We ask you to choose sustainable solutions for package sizes and packaging material.
  • When working with logistics companies, we ask you to cooperate as far as possible with companies whose sustainability works is certified.
Further inquiries/information
  • We would like to ask you to send further inquiries and information regarding our orders by preference via e-mail using the following e-mail address
  • Please send us information regarding our orders only after the first reminder. 
  • However, if the order cannot be placed, e.g. because it is not available in bookshops or the title does not appear, we ask for immediate notification. 
  • Inquiries are necessary at any time, if 
    - there is a difference in essential details of the order or the item ordered, e.g. the ordered item is part of a multivolume edition, a journal, or a serial not mentioned in the order 
    - you receive a duplicate order, not labelled as "Mehrfachex." or "added copy" 
    - the price, including for antiquarian acquisitions, differs as follows: 
    Order without indication of price (€ 0,01): Query if the delivery invoiced price is € 70,00 or more 
    Order with indication of price: Query if the delivery price exceeds the price quoted in the order by more than 20 per cent and the invoiced price is € 70,00 or more. 
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, if you have any questions concerning our orders.
Antiquarian acquisition
  • We ask for antiquarian acquisition if the ordered title is out of print. 
  • We expect antiquarian books to be delivered 
    - in as good a condition as possible with a well-balanced price-performance ratio; please inquire if the price exceeds the price agreement specified above, 
    - with a clear and verifiable ownership structure / provenance,
    - in the edition as ordered; usually we note in our orders if another edition would be acceptable.
    Please contact us before delivery if you have any questions.
  • We ask vendors to keep a search list if an antiquarian acquisition is not possible. Titles on search lists should be checked regularly for availability with the maximum of 24 months after order date. 
  • Please inform us when you put a title on a search list so we will not claim these titles automatically. 
  • Orders not processed within 24 months will regarded as cancelled. We ask for notification concerning cancellation.
  • Orders for CD-ROMs (also as supplements to books) contain the following note:  "Single user network licence / Technical requirements: Ability to run in a MS Windows 2008 Environment with Terminal Services / Installation on a network drive". This means that we ask for a network licence and therewith for the permission to install the CDROM onto a server, so that accessing is possible from any PC inside the library (also via WLAN for authenticated users) but only from one user at a time. In this case please make sure to mention NETWORKING LICENCE on your invoice. 
  • Please contact us before delivery to make sure that we agree to the conditions: 
    - if there is no networking licence available, 
    - if networking licence is only available for an extra charge, 
    - if a single user networking licence allows access only from one special PC.
  • A single invoice in duplicate is required to be enclosed in each book. 
  • Invoices must quote: 
    - ordering department of the Berlin State Library, e.g.: IIID 
    - our order number, e.g.: MON14013026
    - bibliographical short title 
    - bank connection 
    - VAT-No. of the Berlin State Library (see below) and of the vendor, if applicable 
    - VAT-rate, discounts, extra charges, delivery charges, if applicable. 
  • If possible, invoices should quote: 
    - "Vereinnahmt unter den jeweils angegebenen Zugangsnummern in den Akzessionsjournalen" 
    - "Sachlich richtig" 
    - type of order, e.g.: "fest"/"zur Forts." / standing order 
  • Within the EU we request VAT-exempt intra-community delivery. Our VAT-No.: DE338204900.
  • We reserve the right of return without query in following cases: 
    - mistakes caused by distributor, e.g.: wrong title, duplicate delivery, defective binding, 
    - delivery of defective copies, e.g.: missing pages / damaged block.

Last Update: 04/06/2021